A Night in Altona

From 6pm, Pier Street, Altona will be transformed into a mini-festival for one night only. Stroll down the road, enjoy art installations, live music and family entertainment against the brilliant backdrop provided by the sun setting over the Bay. Explore two Container Cinemas in the park and see short films on industry coordinated by artist Heather van Heerwaarden. Take a peak into Altona Homestead which will host an exhibition celebrating industry. Listen to bands and meet up with friends. At dusk the large-scale photographic installation by artist Zoya Martin will begin to glow. Walk through her new exhibition Night Shift inspired by the lives of local shift workers.

Presented by

Art & Industry Festival and Altona Village Traders Association

Event Details

Logan Reserve, Pier Street and surrounds, Altona

Sat 24 Nov, 6:00-10:00pm

Altona Homestead Exhibition, 6:00-8:00pm



Container Cinemas 
Night Shift

Launch: Night Shift by Zoya Martin
9:00pm, Pier Street Stage