A Night in Newport
featuring The Outside Gallery Launch

A Night in Newport

For one night only from dusk to dark, the Festival will transform the park next to Leroys Café on Mason Street with artworks that GLOW. From 6pm on, bring a chair and listen to fabulous music from Uptown Brown, Lady Midnight and The Funky Miracle and sway to the beats as dusk settles.

Come on down with friends and family. Buy food from local cafés or bring your own picnic. 

Take a walk around the park to watch short films in our Container Cinema where stories of local industries are revealed or join us on a free, industrially-themed Art Walk. When the sun goes down, a large-scale light installation with portraits of Night Shift workers will illuminate the site while live music pumps from the Hub Stage.

The Outside Gallery

The Outside Gallery is a new permanent fixture of eleven light boxes which will showcase artworks.

The first exhibition by Bindi Cole Chocka is entitled The Bridge Projects: The Images.

The Outside Gallery has been developed from a concept by Bindi who will curate the gallery for two years as part of her residency with the Art & Industry Festival.

The Outside Gallery Launch

We will turn The Outside Gallery lights on for the first time during A Night In Newport at 9:00pm.

Park yourself in the park, enjoy live music, absorb industrially-themed art and join us as we flick the switch to this new gallery of light!

Event Details

Paine Reserve, Newport

Sat 17 Nov, 6:00-10:00pm



Container Cinemas 
Industrial Art Walk 
Night Shift 

The Outside Gallery

Artist: Bindi Cole Chocka
Launch: Next to the Newport Bowls Club
Sat 17 Nov, 9:00pm
Newport Project