An invitation to the toyota plant (2016)

If you are one of 15,000 workers, contractors, family members and selected community groups who have accepted an invitation from Toyota, you will be able to attend the Open Day in which they will showcase the manufacturing of vehicles made at the Altona plant. A feature of the Open Day will be a walk-through installation called Talking Toyota sited in the Stamping Shop. This art work was developed by the Art & Industry Festival and commissioned by Toyota.

Talking Toyota

Artist-in-residence Alan Davies spent time with both day and evening shift employees recording conversations. Some employees have worked at Toyota all their lives, some were following their parents and, in one case, grandparents into a working life with the company. These stories of learning and developing skills are told with humour and a bittersweet quality of acknowledging the closing of the Altona Toyota plant in 2017. Guy Webster has incorporated these stories into a soundscape, which audience members will walk through into a large-scale installation in the Stamping Shop.  Directed by Donna Jackson in partnership with skilled Toyota staff members, Talking Toyota playfully reconstructs astonishing everyday occurrences within the factory, such
as a car hanging from a gantry, not something the general public is able to view very often!

Artistic Team

Director: Donna Jackson
Composer: Guy Webster
Artist in Residence: Alan Davies
Sound Design: Jason Read
Lighting Design: Phil Lethlean
Production Management: Kelly Harrington

Thank you to the many staff at Toyota for their skill, input and time in devising this installation.

Event details

Toyota, Altona

Sun 20 Nov 2016

By invitation only