Bindi Cole Chocka

Art & Industry Festival 2018
Artist in Residence

Award-winning artist, Bindi Cole Chocka was born in 1975 in Melbourne. She is currently a PhD candidate at Deakin. Mixing photography, video and installation, Bindi makes artwork exploring identity that traverses the line between the self, the cultural and the political. In the last 10 years, Bindi has held 25 solo shows and been in over 60 group exhibitions. She has been shortlisted for 18 art prizes and won or placed in 6. In 2010, Bindi was listed as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Melbourne by The Age newspaper. Her work is held in many collections across the globe. She lives and works in Melton, is married and has two children.

“My collaboration with Donna and James has led to a creative explosion inspired by the richness of layered narratives that emerged out of bringing The Bridge back to life.”

See Bindi Cole Chocka's work during the Festival in The Bridge by Vicki Reynolds, The Projection and The Images, The Outside Galley and the Industrial Art Walk.

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