Fire Services Museum of Victoria In Newport Open Day

In 1890, the first Fire Brigade Act was introduced, leading to the establishment of the Melbourne Fire Brigade (MFB) in 1891. 127 years later, enthusiasts can view a fleet of rarely seen, immaculately restored firetrucks at the Fire Services Museum of Victoria which houses over 30 vintage fire trucks from the past 100 years, meticulously restored by retired firefighters and volunteers. Dozens of fire trucks used by the MFB and CFA over the past century, including horse-drawn carriages, will be on display. The MFB motto is ‘Audax et Promptus’, which can be translated as ‘Audacious and Prompt’. With the Newport MFB Museum usually only open by appointment, we recommend that fire truck enthusiasts adopt the same motto and promptly take a trip to the historical site as part of the Art & Industry Festival.

Event Details

Fire Services Museum of Victoria
Champion Road, Newport
Next to the water tower

Sat 17 Nov, 10:00am-4:00pm

Bookings not required

Gold coin donation