Hobsons Bay Brass

Local resident Alexandra Cameron, a well-known conductor and musician formed the Hobsons Bay Brass ensemble this year to share her love of brass playing with colleagues with whom she has performed with over the years. The members of the group (Alexandra Cameron and Amber Lomanowicz on trumpet, Kevin Edwardes on French horn and Steven Jones on trombone will be joined by Denton Thomas on tuba) all share a love of brass, a passion for music education and a deep commitment to the importance of community music. They have all successfully completed university degrees in music, and for many years played professionally in a number of orchestras and have been actively involved in the Brass Band scene in Victoria. Their expertise and individual strengths bring a great energy to the ensemble. Rehearsals are always filled with vitality, humour and, above all, the commitment to capture the spirit and style of the music. They also enjoy rehearsing at Holy Trinity Church, Williamstown in Nelson Place, where they have the pleasure of rehearsing in a venue with a striking view of the Melbourne skyline across the water. Hobsons Bay Brass repertoire covers a wide range of music from the sound of medieval dance music, the elegance of the Classical style, the richness of the Romantics and the energy and drive of jazz and popular music. In July this year they delighted the audience at the Hawthorn Arts Centre in a programme that focussed on music from the Baroque period. Hobsons Bay Brass are now looking forward to participating in this local event where their performance will include Purcell’s famous Trumpet Tune and Irving Berlin’s famous jazz classic, Putting on the Ritz.

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