Industrial Art Walk

Join us on an adventure exploring the unique industrially-themed art in the Newport area and bring family and friends. Your guide is graphic designer, Megan Slattery, who loves art and loves Newport. 

Stop 1 The Substation

Meet your guide here. Discover how The Substation, an iconic 100-year-old industrial building, was repurposed into a unique large-scale, multi-purpose gallery and performance space.

Stop 2 This is What's Left of the West Gate

Come on up to the second-floor gallery at The Substation and marvel at the work of local designer, Bin Dixon-Ward who has used 3D printing to create contemporary jewellery, inspired by satellite images showing the urban and industrial infrastructure of the West.

Stop 3 The Bridge Backstage

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the play, The Bridge, showing at The Substation as part of AIF18. 

Stop 4 Nuts and Bolts

Down the road, admire this unique three-dimensional artwork which frames the entrance to the Newport Railway Station underpass. Created by artist, Geoff Hogg, we discover how the work reflects the history of an area undergoing de-industrialisation.

Stop 5 Industria to Suburbia (Soot Steam Salt Sand Mural)

Designed and painted by local artisan signwriter, Tony Mead, we uncover the process behind the creation of this beautifully  executed mural that explores the people and industries that creatively influenced the Hobsons Bay area.

Stop 6 Industry Short Films

At the Mechanics Institute watch one of four industrially-themed short films. Each film tells a fascinating story of a local industry including glass manufacturing, costume making, beer brewing and the world of pumps!

Stop 7 The Outside Gallery

Allow us to introduce you to Newport’s brand new The Outside Gallery made from lightboxes! The Bridge Projects - The Images is its first exhibition, by local artist Bindi Cole Chocka and features illuminated images inspired by Bindi’s personal connection to the West Gate Bridge.

Stop 8 The Substation

As darkness settles, our tour ends back at The Substation where you will see a light installation, also by Bindi Cole Chocka. The Bridge Projects - The Projection will bathe The Substation’s windows with colour and light.

The Industrial Art Walk will take place 5 times. You need to book to ensure a place. It is free. The format may change due to new events being included/excluded. Please be aware it will start on time and move fairly quickly in some sections. It is suitable for all abilities and ages.

Event Details

Meet outside The Substation, 1 Market Street, Newport

Sat 17 Nov, 7:15-9:15pm
Mon 19-Thu 22 Nov, 7:15-9:15pm