Jacki Staude

Costume Designer, IF: Industrial Fashion

“For nearly 20 years I was a Williamstown resident with a studio in Footscray on the Maribyrnong River. The industrial and maritime landscape has always been a source of inspiration for my work. The costumes for the Art & Industry Festival are from my concept series The Vessel Maternity Design, industrial and maritime-themed fashion for the expectant woman (and her child).”

Jacki Staude is a sculptor and metalworker based in North Shore, Geelong. Most of her work is on a commission basis: one-off, site-specific projects including gates, staircases and pool fences. Mild steel is her preferred material, but she has an enduring interest in fabrics, costume and clothes.

See Jacki Staude’s work during the Festival in IF: Industrial Fashion

e: Jacki.staude@gmail.com 

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