Lizz Lethlean

Costume Designer, Industrial Fashion

Lizz has a 30+ career in theatre, specialising in puppetry and image-making. Her performance background with Handspan Theatre, touring throughout Australia, Europe, South America and Asia ( honed her skills in creating, performing and making imagery. Recent freelance projects include Mountain to Mouth for the City of Greater Geelong, where her Spirit Birds have become integral images for the 2009- 2016 events.

For Industrial Fashion 2020, she has created an internally lit outfit, with an aluminium armature to support the illuminated X-ray outer skin. Lizz is interested in the way X-rays, with their eerie muted tones, give us glimpses into the secret workings of our bodies, revealing what lies beneath. Thanks to the many friends and colleagues who gifted their X-ray images for this work.

X-rays are able to be recycled at each branch of the Hobsons Bay library service.

See Lizz’s work during the Festival at Industrial Fashion 

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