Paige Prendergast

Costume Designer, IF: Industrial Fashion

“My interest in costumes began in grade three when I was dressed by my parents as a ball of string for Book Week. I knew from that point on, if I was to win ‘Best Dressed’, I’d have to go it alone!

Paige Prendergast is a Melbourne-based costume designer whose career began with her interest in the performing arts and love of the theatre. She studied ‘Costume for Performance’ at Swinburne University in 2009 which lead to her running away with the circus on Cirque du Soleil’s Ovo, working with Oh Yeah Wow on various music videos and short films and recently designing for the TV The Wizards of Aus. Paige has designed a piece inspired by the Newport railway workshops, finding inspiration in the silhouette of the building and transforming it into a wearable garment.

See Paige Prendergast’s work during the Festival in IF: Industrial Fashion

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