Shane Paton

Furniture Designer

“I share a passion for the West’s industrial history with many other makers and creators I’ve met since I moved to this side of town. For the Art & Industry Festival we’ve joined forces to create Westside Cool. We’ll provide a map and open our doors on two consecutive weekends so visitors to the West can explore unique showrooms, shops and creative spaces. I hope through this project more people can appreciate the industrial aesthetic in their daily lives.”

At the age of 15, Shane Paton was the youngest person ever accepted into the Queensland College of Art, but left soon after to become a printer by trade. He later worked as artistic director for a company specialising in corrosive and decorative finishes on metals, which allowed him to create a number of major artworks in large residential and commercial developments. Shane and his wife Gerri started Quazi Design in 2002, focussing initially on architectural finishes, designing colours for the glass industry. They grew this business into the largest colour range in Victoria before selling the intellectual property to a former client and moving to the West in 2013 where they could indulge their true passion, creating new furniture styling Danish-based 50s vintage with a modern edge. From collecting and ‘upcycling’ vintage pieces, Quazi Design now offer a range of contemporary pieces. They have completed several large fit-outs including Village Real Estate in Seddon and Two Birds Brewery in Spotswood and, following interest from contestants on The Block, they accept online orders from interior designers and cafes all over Australia. They are committed to building their capacity by collaborating with local suppliers, ensuring the work stays in the neighbourhood.

See Shane Paton during the Festival in Westside Cool and at Spark

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