Teresa Dowd

Costume Designer, IF: Industrial Fashion

“The Art & Industry Festival has provided me with the opportunity to link the architecture of Williamstown to creative fashion. I have designed a garment inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier, a bold and striking ‘man-skirt’ ensemble with a dramatic aesthetic. The skirt has a very feminine shape, anchored with heavy boots and strong colours. It is complemented with extravagant headgear.”

Teresa Dowd, a Williamstown resident since the late 80s, studied visual art at RMIT focusing on printmaking and painting. Forever mindful that the resources of the planet are limited, she now works with recycled materials, particularly wool, creating new garments from old pure wool jumpers, combining various elements and adding beautiful threads and eye-catching adornments. Her designs are sold in many outlets, particularly those that foster experimentation in art and design.

See Teresa Dowd’s work in IF: Industrial Fashion


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