The Big Front


“All of us in the The Big Front choose to stay, play and explore all things ‘West’, here where inspiration for our original material is fed by images such as the roll-on/roll-off cargo at the dockyards and the skyscraper-sized container ships visible from the suburbs of Newport as they slowly cruise down our very own Suez Canal.

Birthed in the West, the Big Front had their debut at the much loved but now defunct Famous Blue Raincoat, Spotswood in July 2014. All distinctive vocalists in their own right, the Big Front’s rich vocal make up, sublime acoustic instrumentation and their eclectic repertoire has led to their regular participation in many a Festival in the West.  With annual appearances at the Yarraville and Stony Creek Music Festivals, the Big Front are also very comfy straddling the divide between a set of sophisticated originals to playing out their ‘family friendly’ repertoire.

The Big Front’s live performances are BIG on inclusiveness. They are renowned for their metaphorical Big Fronts, their Big Voices and their Big Instruments which play out a repertoire that’s folky, funky, rootsy and funny.

The Big Front are:

Amanda Testro (Piano Accordion and Vocals)
Jane Bayly (Banjo Uke and Vocals)
Amelia Barden (Oboe, Percussion and Vocals)
Maria Moore (Mandolin and Vocals)
Shane Ryall (Guitar)
Kim Wheeler (Double Bass and Vocals)

See The Big Front during the Festival at Spark

Amanda Testro

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