The Lighting of the West Gate Bridge

For the ten days of the Art & Industry Festival, a section of the West Gate Bridge will be lit at night.  Join us after dark and bring your camera to capture the under belly of the snake-like shape that is the West Gate Bridge.  The lighting of the bridge was a feature of the first Art & Industry Festival in 2016. 

The West Gate Bridge is a local landmark that reflects the complex history of an industrial tragedy and also the tenacity and skills of those who completed building it and operate and manage it today. This is a site of memorial and remembrance as well as architectural and building achievement.

The lighting of the bridge is an opportunity to contemplate and photograph this icon of the western suburbs.

Lighting Design

Phil Lethlean

Event Details

West Gate Bridge, Douglas Parade, Spotswood

Fri 16-Sun 25 Nov, view nightly from dusk to late

Instagram: #artandindustryfestival