The Projection and the Images
by Bindi Cole Chocka

The Projection and The Images is a powerful creative multimedia installation by Bindi Cole Chocka that lights up Newport across two sites. Located at the flashpoint between different worlds, this thought-provoking new work is a very contemporary collaboration between Bindi and her late mother, Vicki Reynolds. Drawing on archival material from the original creation and presentation of Reynold’s play The Bridge mixed with Bindi’s contemporary filming, photographs and recordings of the West Gate, The Projection and The Images poignantly bridges the gaps between the past and present, cross-generational creative collaboration, and life and death.


Bindi Cole Chocka

Event Details

The Projection
The Substation, 1 Market Street, Newport

Fri 16-Sun 25 Nov, view nightly from dusk to late

The Images
The Outside Gallery
Paine Reserve, Newport

Launch: Sat 17 Nov, 9:00pm
Sat 17-Sun 25 Nov, view nightly from dusk to late

Both events: FREE