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Industrial Art Sign Co.


Our Team

Hobsons Bay City Council
Hobsons Bay City Council Councillors and staff

Creative Victoria

Victoria University

Cadence Property Group

Hubcap Productions

Artistic Director:
Donna Jackson

Operations Manager:
Kelly Harrington

Marketing and Design:
Megan Slattery

Lindy Allen

Producer 'Our Secret West':
Abi Richardson

Miranda Brown

Optical Audio 
Jason Read and team

Logo Design:
Lin Tobias


Thank you

 Special thanks to:

>  Art & Industry Festival artists
>  Hobsons Bay City Council
     Mayor and Councillors
>  Our venue partners
>  Our sponsors
>  Our industry partners
>  Our fabulous volunteers

How you can be involved

The Art & Industry Festival takes place biennially to allow two years of authentic engagement by the community, industry and artists in the creative development of challenging, complex ideas and high quality projects.

If you would like to be involved in 2022, you could attend Lion Taming Your Arts Project, the creative development workshops for Festival projects in which artists meet and exchange ideas and skills with other local artists. You could offer a project to the Festival or ‘pitch’ an idea to the artistic director. Local businesses and industries can partner with the Festival to create sensational arts projects that both promote local industries and interest the local community and artists. Indigenous artists and community members are most cordially invited.

Start thinking now about how you can be involved in 2022. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @artandindustryfestival or you can sign up for our 'A&I News' so we can stay in touch!