Donna Jackson

Festival Artistic Director
Hubcap Productions

“After one particularly exhausting year, 2013, in which I travelled and worked in six jurisdictions on 14 art events and festivals, I felt a strong desire to work from my home in my local area, the western suburbs of Melbourne. It is an ideal place to explore my interest in industrial aesthetics, an interest amplified by living in the shadow of the Westgate Bridge, surrounded by oil storage tanks and empty and working industrial spaces.”

Dr. Donna Jackson has devised a method of working that allows her to work across artistic mediums on a large scale with multiple participants. She has shared this methodology with many artists and it is the basis of both the development and execution of the Art & Industry Festival.

She has just released Art and Social Change, Dust: A Case Study. The book is a longitudinal case study of a theatrical show, which she wrote and directed, entitled Dust, an exploration of the disastrous effects of asbestos on workers and their families. The book also describes Donna’s underlying artistic methodology for both Dust and Art & Industry. Donna’s methodology combines project management with aesthetic and creative decision-making. 

Donna’s career does not appear to have a trajectory; rather, she has explored ideas she has been passionate about and expressed these across an array of artistic mediums and projects.

As artistic advisor to Regional Arts Victoria, Donna devised a series of projects that linked disparate artists and communities across the state.

Donna has been highly successful in creating art works from non-traditional materials such as cranes, kayaks, semi-trailers, the sea and explosives. She has worked locally, throughout Victoria, nationally and internationally.

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