Donna Jackson

Art & Industry Festival 2018
Artistic Director

Donna Jackson is a recognised leader in community arts practice throughout Australia. She founded the Women’s Circus in 1991.
As Artistic Advisor to Regional Arts Victoria (1998-2011), she delivered several large-scale community projects across the state. Collaborating with songwriter/performer Mark Seymour, Donna presented Dust, a music theatre production about asbestos, over seven seasons and three states. She has refined her methodology working with multiple participants across artistic mediums
nationally and internationally and now relishes the opportunity to collaborate with local artists and explore the industrial
aesthetics of her local area, the western suburbs of Melbourne.

“The creative collaboration with Bindi Cole Chocka and James Henry, which is at the core of this festival, has allowed me to consider both physical and metaphysical ideas of the connections bridges create through concrete and steel, music and theatre,
story and song.”

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