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TRAFFIC LIGHT by James Henry
Now showing at The Outside Gallery, Paine Reserve, Newport

Traffic Light is a series of playful and celebratory photographic works by James Henry inspired by his experience of the West Gate Bridge.

‘As a child I spent my life on the road travelling around Australia with my grandparents as my grandfather Jimmy Little played shows across the country. Today I travel for work and play all over the world. I love how the mention of a place name has such power, evoking feelings and memories depending on my past experience of that place. In the same way, I have always been fascinated by highway intersections and rivers. Riding in the back seat of the car, I would ask my grandparents to wake me up when we were coming to a river so I could see the bridge over it. I loved being able to place a lifetime visual memory against what I saw on maps; the red line crossing the blue line.’

Playing with the idea of his time spent traversing the West Gate Bridge, whether it is being stuck in traffic or flying across it to arrive at his destination, Henry transforms the bridge using long photographic exposures into an explosion of colour and life. He uses his car as a co-collaborator in the work. ‘The West Gate Bridge sparked my imagination. The sheer scale of it, the view from the top and it’s history.’ Each image has been created using light from parts of his drive between the first entry and exit points on each side of the Yarra River.

In exhibiting these electrifying contemporary photographic works in The Outside Gallery light boxes, James Henry paints Newport in colourful light captured on the West Gate Bridge.

On show at The Outside Gallery from April to September 2019.

What is The Outside Gallery?

The Outside Gallery has been developed from a concept by Bindi Cole Chocka. Bindi is curating the gallery for two years as part of her residency with the Art & Industry Festival until June 2020.

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LISTEN to the podcast The Bridge by Overland magazine commissioned by the Art & Industry Festival as part of the 2018 'How to Build Bridges - The Symposium' event


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    The Newport Project was a new and exciting artist, student and community consultation that took place from November 2017 to March 2018.

    The project’s aims were to develop design ideas for the Paine Reserve area utilising Placemaking practices and complementing the strategic plans for Melbourne and Hobsons Bay City Council.

    The project was initiated by Councillor Peter Hemphill and supported by the Newport Traders Association. Ideas for the project were developed in consultation with local artists, community members, Newport Traders and students and lecturers from the Thrive Research Hub at The University of Melbourne.

    Watch a video on the process.  
    Read the recommendations document. 
    Download the recommendations document.

  • NEWPORT PROJECT EXHIBITION - 21-23 February 2018 at The Substation, Newport: Showcased concept resulting from consultation with local artists, students and the community.  
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