Emma Buglisi

Filmmaker, Homeward Bound and Talking Hands

Emma Buglisi is a filmmaker and photographer who first moved to the western suburbs in 2012 and promptly fell in love with the area. A keen storyteller with a Bachelor of Journalism from La Trobe University, she has been crafting films for over a decade, picking up awards in local film festivals and seeing her work screen at MIFF.

For Art & Industry 2018, Emma created a short film, The Birds and the Beers, profiling Jayne Lewis from Two Birds Brewery in Spotswood. This year, she is behind two films, Talking Hands - looking at the photography project of Zoya Martin, and Homeward Bound, exploring the Westgate tattoo that was designed by Megan Slattery.


See Emma’s work during the Festival in Industrial Film Fest

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