Industrial Fashion

Due to popular demand, for a limited time you can watch 'Industrial Fashion' here

Industrial Fashion returns in 2020 – this time as a fashion-filled film!

Over many months our talented team of local designers and creators have embraced the opportunity to create beautiful and unique costumes from their homes, studios and kitchen tables.

Inspired by local industries including Mobil and the Williamstown dockyards, the designers have pushed boundaries using unconventional materials such as paper, car parts and even x-rays to create wearable designs that connect art and industry.

Showcasing spectacular all-new outfits, Industrial Fashion - the film, will reveal the stories behind the designers, the industries that inspired the outfits and the challenges they faced to bring their designs to life.

Why not make a fashion-fun night of it? Grab your favourite wine, favourite local takeaway and a favourite friend. Then sit back and watch as these outfits and stories light up your screen and your imagination.

Industrial Fashion will screen online on 20 November 2020 at 8:00-9:30pm to mark the opening the Festival.

Creative Team

Director: Donna Jackson
Filmmaker: Chris Downey
Musical Director: Jennifer Lund
Costume Manager: Kaye Smith
Choreographer: Cara Louise Pepe
Featuring: MDX, Williamstown

Featured Designers and Makers

Lizz Lethlean, Alex Kowal, Anna Kolusniewski, Betty Ennis, Genevieve Murray, Amelia Peace, Eva Robinson, Cas Bukor, Jo Boyd, Karen Jenkins, Ruth Gallant, Kaye Smith

Event Details

Fri 20 Nov at 8pm
Due to popular demand, for a limited time you can watch 'Industrial Fashion' here


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