Lin Tobias

Graphic Designer

“I was genuinely delighted when Donna Jackson approached me to put forward some design ideas for the branding of the Art & Industry Festival. The combination of both ART and INDUSTRY in the letterpress process where the wooden letters and the application of printer’s ink and modern machinery combine to produce a result, I thought was perfect for realising the text and lettering of the Art & Industry logo.”

Coming from a long line of tradespeople, Lin has recently embraced the ancient art of letterpress printing, which is enjoying a world-wide revival among those hankering for a handmade and physical approach to using tools of trade. She is fascinated by this original method of printing words on paper but fears it’s a vanishing trade, soon to be lost.

Lin Tobias graduated with a Diploma of Graphic Design from Swinburne in 1979 then spent over 30 years working as a sole trader specialising in design for the visual and performing arts in Melbourne. Lin completed both under- and post-graduate studies specialising in print-making and painting, at Victoria University and the Victorian College of the Arts respectively. She currently practises as a visual artist while maintaining a bespoke design practice that incorporates both her art and design skills.


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