Night Shift

An outdoor large-scale installation of illuminated photographs, Night Shift is a new body of work by artist, Zoya Martin.

The exhibition features workers from a range of industries. While most of us are asleep, shoes are hand crafted, bread is baked, bridges are built, and songs are sung.

Night Shift reveals the human side of industry. Workers share how they stay connected with their loved ones, what it takes to push through a twelve-hour night shift, how they stay awake when their bodies are desperate for sleep and what it’s like to watch the sun rise as they drive home.

Walk through this glowing gallery of images at A Night In Newport and A Night In Altona.

Hear the artist discuss the work at A Night In Altona where it will be officially launched.


Zoya Martin

Event Details

Night Shift is showing after 9:00pm at:

A Night in Newport
Sat 17 Nov 


A Night in Altona
Sat 24 Nov
Official launch 9:00pm