Talking Hands by Zoya Martin
at Woods Street Arts Space

Left to right:

“My hands are opening and closing valves, lifting malt into the mill, weighing out the hops, carrying hoses for the beer to flow through. In terms of the process, not a lot has changed — it’s an ancient profession. I get in almost a Zen state when I’m brewing.”

– Jayne, Two Birds Brewing


“I was hammering something in a vice and smashed my thumb — it’s not broken, just bent. My hands were filthy dirty, especially when you were machining. I couldn’t get them clean, cast iron just gets into them. Now it’s different, it’s all electronic. I would hate to do it now.”

– Bill, Mechanic for 42 years


“My hands feel so relaxed and enjoy the moment of sending my message to the world. They feel proud as the interpreter to my brain, sharing my wise words through music.”

– Fred, One Spirit African Drumming and Dance


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