The Loom Room

The Loom Room is a friendly, vibrant community hub inspiring people of all ages and abilities to learn, share and be involved in craft and artistic expression. Participants primarily focus on producing textile and fibre creations. Located in Williamstown, the Loom Room supports emerging craftspeople and artists encouraging the repurposing of fabric and textile resources. Members of the Loom Room participate in, organise and support, artistic and environmental projects, workshops and events such as supporting ‘Boomerang Bags’, organizing the Re-Imagining Textile Waste Exhibition as part of the National Sustainable Living Festival and creating Dippy the Diprotodon for the Natural History Centre.

Loom Room key participants in the Art & Industry Festival’s opening event IF: Industrial Fashion were Tarius McArthur, Kerrie Taylor and Tiffany Westall from the Loom Room.

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