Tony Mead


“An appreciation of the West’s vintage industrial aesthetic has been a constant influence in my work and the reason
I decided to be part of this first Art & Industry Festival.”

Tony Mead is a traditionally-trained signwriter who has worked in the industry for 36 years. After many years gaining experience in all aspects of the trade, he started his own company, Industrial Art Sign Co, in 1996. His appreciation for the architecture and the pervasiveness of repurposed industrial equipment in the inner-west was the main reason he decided to set up shop in Spotswood.

Tony has a uniquely creative approach to signwriting that sees words as more than just a group of letters. Using images combined with lettering, he aims to create work that appeals to the viewer on several levels. In his desire to push boundaries, Tony draws on a range of styles and genres such as Trompe L'oeil murals, decorative painting, sculpture, display building and lately, LED signage.  With his roots firmly established in hand-painted signs, Tony is consciously promoting this style in conjunction with contemporary means of production as a way of keeping the craft of signwriting relevant in this modern digital era.

See Tony Mead during the Festival at Spark and Industria to Suburbia

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