Industrial Film Fest

Over four nights, the Industrial Film Fest will shine a spotlight on fabulous local places, people and artforms through a collection of specially-commissioned short films.

Created by local filmmakers, the four short films take a behind-the-scenes look at the art of tattoos, mural-painting, photographic storytelling as well as taking you behind-the-counter to hear about the changing world of a family butcher shop.

Hosted by Heather van Heerwaarden, meet and hear from a different filmmaker each night as they talk about the industries and people that inspired them.

Over four nights
21, 22, 28 & 29  Nov at 7pm

About the films

> Welcome to Spotswood

A love story to Spotswood, this film documents the painting of the Welcome to Spotswood mural by artisan signwriter Tony Mead. Tony shares the inspiration behind his idea for the mural and what makes Spotswood – the suburb in the shadow of the Westgate bridge - so endearing to him. From pumping stations to flat whites, Welcome to Spotswood salutes a place undergoing change. An area with a unique industrial history - still home to glassworks and tank farms, and more recently to cafés, wine bars, art studios and craft beer brewing.
Filmmaker: Heather van Heerwaarden
Sat 21 Nov. 7pm.

> Talking Hands

Talking Hands delves into the story behind Altona artist Zoya Martin’s beautiful images of worker’s hands. Exploring the skills and passion of the workers, the images tell visual stories of hands that build, craft and care. Stories of how we used to work and how we work today. Stories that capture and highlight the diversity of the many occupations in the west.
Filmmaker: Emma Bugilisi
Sun 22 Nov. 7

> The Butcher

Filmmaker Chris Downey captured scenes behind the counter at Eddie The Butcher in Mason Street Newport.  Meet Eddie who runs an old school family butcher shop which serves the local community and is a prize winner in hams and sausages. He can make a meat tray into an artform.
Filmmaker: Chris Downey
Sat 28 Nov. 7pm.

> Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound tells the story of collaboration between a designer, a tattoo artist, a photographer, and a man whose love of the western suburbs led him to become a human canvas. In 2018 the Festival commissioned designer Megan Slattery to not only design a tattoo featuring the West Gate Bridge, but also find someone willing to have the tattoo inked onto their body and have the process photographed. Daniel Williams was that person. The film features captivating photos by photographer Lindy Allen. Maddie Jackway, inspired by the story behind Daniel’s tattoo, captured his love of the west, in a song.
Filmmaker: Emma Buglisi
Sun 29 Nov. 7pm.

Event Details

Over four nights
21, 22, 28 & 29  Nov 2018. 7pm.


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